Homeschool Notification Procedure

(Notice: We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information and advise you
read the O.A.C. for yourself. Ultimately YOU are responsible for your child's education.)

Who needs to notify?

Parents or legal guardians of students age 6 to 18, the compulsory school age outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, 3321.01. If your child will reach the age of six after September 30, there is no need to complete a notification form for that school year. If your child will reach the age of six years before September 30, then you DO need to complete a notification form for the school year.

Whom and when to notify.

The notification should be sent to the superintendent of the public school which the child would attend by the beginning of, or any other time during, a school year. It is not necessary to wait until the end of a school year, semester break, or a major vacation. Homeschooling may begin at any time after the proper notification has been given.

How to notify.

Regulations (Chapter 3301-34 of the Ohio Administrative Code) specify the information that must be provided, but there is not an official form. You may use a form your school district provides or your own Notification Form.

If a form provided by the schools is used, please check that it does not request additional information beyond that specified in the regulations. In our opinion, supplying the superintendent with extra information does a disservice to your fellow homeschoolers by setting a precedent. Homeschoolers coming after you will then be expected to comply with the additional requests. After completing the form, make a copy for your records.

We suggest that the completed form be sent to the superintendent by certified mail, return receipt requested. It costs a little more but gives you written proof that the document was received at the superintendent's office.

We suggest all business concerning this notification should be done in writing, via mail. Keep copies of all your correspondence. No telephone conversations nor office or home visits are required or necessary.


Your signature on the form assures that the information provided is correct. No other records are required (such as time logs, daily schedules, copy of your high school diploma, etc.).

After the first year.

At the end of your homeschool year, you may then choose the method of evaluation you wish to use for your child. See Homeschooling Legal Requirements.